Secretariat Bios

Tiffany Dao

Tiffany Dao returns to NWMUN-Seattle this year as the Secretary-General after serving in that role for NWMUN-Seattle 2020. Tiffany is currently studying for her Masters of Studies in Law at the University of Southern California and holds a BA in Law, Societies and Justice, which focuses on the ways in which domestic and international law impact society, from the University of Washington-Seattle. She has attended over 10 MUN conferences, including eight NWMUN conferences. Her favorite thing about MUN is its ability to bring people of all backgrounds together, help people develop skills and personally grow as an individual, and increase awareness about important global issues.

Tiffany speaks English and Cantonese Chinese, and is currently re-learning French and Mandarin Chinese. Her hobbies include watching Hong Kong lifestyle vlogs on YouTube, singing and listening to K-pop - her favorite group is Got7, which is a multi-national group consisting of 7 members from Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong and the US.

Lauren Kiser

Lauren Kiser is excited to join NWMUN-Seattle Executive Secretariat as Director-General this year. This will be her 12th MUN conference, but her first NWMUN conference. She firmly believes that MUN is one of the best experiential learning opportunities, and is honored to help support a conference providing this amazing experience to students. Her goal for everyone at this conference is to create a valuable, inclusive, and enriching environment for everyone to learn and most importantly have fun doing so. Lauren graduated from Texas Christian University with a Double Degree in International Economics and International Relations. She earned her Master of Arts in Global Finance, Trade, and Economic Integration in 2016 from the Josef Korbel School of International Studies and a Certificate in Global Business and Corporate Social Responsibility from the Daniels College of Business/JKSIS in Denver, Colorado. As a Government Affairs associate for a leading renewable energy provider, she supports the development of wind farms and solar parks and advocates for policies to unlock renewable energy potential at the state level. She has also supported the work of an international social enterprise on sustainability consulting and education of sustainable development for individuals and enterprises.

In her free time, when not working on several MUN conferences, she enjoys knitting and crochet, true-crime podcasts, listening to tons of audiobooks, and spending time with her husband and their two rescue dogs. Lauren also is an avid equestrian, competing in Dressage and has earned her USDF Bronze and Silver medals. When not at the barn, you can probably find her at the yoga studio working on perfecting her arm balances and enjoying the practice of patience and self-care. 

Gamaliel Perez
Chief of Staff

Gamaliel Perez is excited to be returning to NWMUN-Seattle 2021 for a second year as Chief of Staff. Prior to his first time in the role at NWMUN-Seattle 2020, Gam previously served as a Director for NWMUN-Portland, and has also served for other local conferences in California. Since 2016, he has been able to attend conferences in other countries and meet people from all over the world, which is the greatest part of being in MUN. Gamaliel graduated from the University of California San Diego and has a BA in Political Theory as well as International Relations. He has many interests that can range from government structures, political economy, and development that provided interest in MUN. In the future he plans to earn a doctorate degree and publish his own book. Eventually he would like to serve the public and teach at a university as well.

Gamaliel is a native Spanish speaker and grew up in Tijuana, Mexico before moving to the United States. 
In his free time, Gamaliel listens to new music and is a big fan of T.D.E. He also enjoys writing pieces that provide arguments for ideological consideration. He is a major fan of the LOTR and Halo franchises, and wants to visit New Zealand at some point.

Bandelio Delgado Salas
Assistant Secretary-General for Conference Services

Bandelio Delgado-Salas served as Assistant Secretary-General for Conference Services for NWMUN-Seattle 2020, and it was a wonderful experience even though it was virtual. This year, he is excited to return and assist in hosting an in-person conference. Bandelio attended Model United Nations conferences as a delegate while in college, and continues to volunteer because he believes in the educational experiences Model UN conferences like NWMUN provide to students. He hopes to serve as a great ASG-CS and assist in having a great conference for all those involved. 

Bandelio graduated in 2015 with a degree in History and in 2018 graduated with a Masters of Public Administration. He now works as a procurement analyst with the Los Angeles County Development Authority, an agency that provides housing services to those in need. His work is behind the scenes, but he knows that it has positive impacts on the individuals the agency provides services to. Bandelio enjoys the outdoors, and hopes to engage in more backpacking trips throughout National Parks in the coming years.