Committees & Topics

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General Assembly Plenary (GA) - Recommended for novice and intermediate delegates.
1. Ensuring Access to Affordable and Sustainable Energy for All
2. Rights of Indigenous Peoples
Note: Additionally, the General Assembly will simulate Security Council Elections. The elections of the Security Council non-permanent members are not a topic, but rather a process that will be simulated in the General Assembly. Therefore, it should not be addressed within GA position papers. This process will take place during the committee sessions on Sunday, November 21. Please read the Explanatory Note for more details.
Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) - Recommended for novice, intermediate, and experienced delegates.
1. Preventing Illicit Drug Use and Treating Drug Use Disorders for Children and Adolescents
2. The Role of Law Enforcement in Addressing the World Drug Problem

United Nations Population Fund - Executive Board (UNFPA) - Recommended for novice, intermediate, and experienced delegates.
1. Promoting Access to Family Planning in Developing States
2. The State of the World's Midwifery
United Nations Population Fund Background Guide (PDF) ]

Security Council (SC) - For experienced delegates only.
1. The Situation in Haiti
2. Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict
Security Council Background Guide (PDF) ]
Security Council Explanatory Note (PDF) ]
Note: The Secretariat reserves the right to add additional suggested topics, with their own background materials, should they feel an issue requires the attention of the Security Council.